To paraphrase Engineer Scott from the fourth (and my personal favourite) Star Trek film:

Admiral …  there be words here!

Now, I’m not any kind of admiral (can’t swim for starters, and I couldn’t tie a clove hitch to save my soul), nor am I one of those anonymous, red-uniformed expendables that fades to black in most every Star Trek storyline (not now, anyway; I’ve finally moved on to a speaking part).

Uttering words, making noise, banging my own drum (slowly). It’s a big step for a veritable hermit … but here I is! … dehermitizing, at least in the virtual universe of the Internet. I may encounter other sentient life here, eventually, if anyone chances to beam onto my friendly outpost for a how-do-you-do (and hopefully, a follow-me too). If I do, I suspect they won’t be any scarier than my own alien self, or my shadow … which can be pretty damned freaky betimes!

I’ve written a novel, Second Breath, not science fiction as the theme of this post might suggest, but a trek is involved (more on that later). I took a hell of a long time doing it. I’ll put a charitable spin on it and say, life got in the way of good intentions. Yup, that’s it. Whatever the case, I’ve finally rubbed the rust out of my psyche and am ready to rumble.

Beam me up Scottie.


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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Life get in the way of everything, good intentions or no, especially when there’s a book in the works.


  2. Posted by Linden Devine on January 26, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    May all your tribbles me small ones. Just remember, the road only ends when you stop walking!


  3. It’s a road less traveled by the many, and chosen by the few with the grit that will sustain them on the journey all the while keeping us entertained throughout…you did it. Congrats!


  4. Posted by Sheree on January 27, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    Welcome to my world:) I knew I was a personal success at writing when my kids came to understand that if the vacuum cleaner I hauled out and placed in the middle of the living room at 7am was still sitting there at 5pm when they came home from school. It signalled to them that my writing got lost inside the hands of the clock and they were looking at KD for dinner, again:) Been years since those days but for me to write is to live. Pass the coffee 🙂


  5. I can’t swim either and my husband is the ‘Trekkie’ so I don’t really have a personal favourite, although I have seen them all MANY times!

    I am no writer either, I’m afraid, just an avid reader who enjoys writing about anything literary and meeting up with like-minded people.

    Joining the ‘blogging’ world was the best step I have ever taken, as I have ‘met’ people from literally the four corners of the world. None of this would have been possible without the help of aforementioned husband, who is also a ‘Techie’ and my own personal help desk.

    When you get some links and pages underway, you’ll find that the friends will come pouring in, until then Good Luck with the book and hope to hear more from you real soon.

    My name is Yvonne, I live in Somerset, UK and this is the link to my blog ‘Fiction Books’



    • Thank you very much for your post, which I only just discovered today when I was preparing another entry. Seems your message was relegated to the spam queue, which I didn’t even know existed (and which I’ll certainly look out for in the future). There certainly is a learning curve to this blogging business. Cheers.


  6. I believe I may have found it! Oh the joy of not being confined to…how many characters is it on Twitter? In any case, I won’t go on incessantly. I feel I may have found a kindred spirit in you, and intend to follow you, on Twitter as on your blog.

    Not to be the perpetual saleslady, but have you read my blog? I would love your comments. blog.fbrownwriter.com.

    Thank you for the willingness to connect. The writing part of my life can be so lonely at times.


    • Like you, I find Twitter’s 140-character limit very confining, but the exercise in brevity will undoubtedly help me become a better wordsmith.

      I went to your blog, read it all and then subscribed to it. I like what I read, and felt a connection with you, its author. You have a lovely way of drawing out a mood. I am not an emotional creature, but I am a creature of very deep emotions. I’m sure you recognize the distinction. Kindred souls, indeed.


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